Intermittent Video Loss Troubleshooting

This article provides a general troubleshooting guide on the intermittent video loss issues.

Most intermittent video loss issues are caused by the following:

1. Voltage drop
2. Bad GND
3. Loose connection in the cable / Physical damage in the cable (internal and external)
4. EMI interference from other devices in the vehicle


How to troubleshoot?


1. Voltage drop

The system requires a minimum of 12V DC / 3A to operate properly. Make sure that the system is getting constant 12V from the power source, and that the circuit supports 3A.

2. Bad GND

Make sure that the GND wire contacts are clean both at the cable terminal and the vehicle chassis where the GND is connected to. Try to move the GND point closer to the battery.

3. Cable Issues

Check connectors for a tight connection. Check for physical damage in the cabling (especially areas that are exposed to the elements). Protect the cabling using cable conduit.

4. EMI Interference

Last but not least, the cable running through the vehicle and the monitor system might be getting interference from other devices in the vehicle (flourescent ligts, radio, etc). Run the cable away from EMI sources and use Automotive Grade EMI Shielding Conduit for extra EMI protection. We also recommend installing EMI Ferrite Core Filters in the camera and the power cables. We recommend the following brand:





Power Cable: Fair Rite 0431164951 (can be purchased from

Video Cable:  Fair Rite 0431164951 (can be purchased from